How To Make The Most Of Selling Your Home In Winter

While spring takes all the accolades as the most sought-after selling season, smart sellers know that all seasons can have opportunities to get the most for their homes.

And there are actually many benefits to listing your home in the colder months.

Why a winter market can be to a seller’s advantage

The June long weekend signifies the start of Australia’s winter, and is typically a quieter time in real estate. There are often less listings and less buyers around. For this reason, many people will tell you that the cooler months are not a great time to list a property.

But there are two upsides to winter for sellers:

  1. Less properties on the market, means less competition. Your home will be more visible to buyers.
  2. The buyers who are out who are out looking for a new home tend to be very motivated and genuine.

These two factors mean that winter can actually be a good time to sell, particularly if your home or garden shines at this time of year.

Tips for maximizing the atmosphere at a winter open home

If you’re selling your property in winter, create an atmosphere of warmth that appeals to chilly open home attendees by:

  • Having your agent highlight any in-house heating and insulation in the property.
  • Putting on any heating you have (you may want to rent outdoor heaters and even small indoor units if you don’t have any) and stoke a fire if you have one.
  • Turning on all the lights and lamps for a warm glow.
  • Opting for ‘warm’ scents, such as sandalwood or baking
  • Decorating with heavy throws, pillows, thick blankets on the beds. Small cozy touches like this will have people wanting to move right in.
  • Using a dehumidifier to reduce any dampness in the home.
  • Providing a doormat, umbrella stand or coat stand for potential buyers to use at open inspections.