Having Your Property Professionally Photographed

A picture paints a thousands words, as the saying goes, and an photograph is often the first impression a prospective buyer will have of your property when they see it in an online listing.

Selling your home for the best price means presenting it well. And taking the best photographs possible will help market your property effectively and let it stand out from the competition.

Professional real estate photographers are highly skilled and able to show your home’s best attributes in the most powerful way. But there are things you can do to maximize the opportunity and get the best out of professional photography of your property.

Presentation is everything

When your home hits the market you want it to look its best and the photographs are no exception. Prepare for photography the same way you would an open home inspection so your property shines. This will probably involve cleaning, de-cluttering and fixing up any repair jobs you had yet to complete.

Photographers can enhance images to make them look their best, but they cannot fundamentally change what they have to work with, so it pays to get the basics right before taking the photos so you achieve the best result.

Staging your home

If you’re considering styling or staging your home, then it’s worthwhile having it done before the photographs. Good furniture can make a photograph pop, gives a sense of space and it can give a viewer something to focus on.

It’s worth considering furnishing a focal point room, or just bringing in the home stylists for the day of the photographs, if you can’t afford to hire the furniture for a long period.Alternatively, if the property will be unfurnished when the open homes occur, savvy photographers are often able to import digital furniture and finishing into the final images at a cheaper cost. This can allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the property more easily.

Choosing the ‘main’ image

Photographers have a great eye for what will make a great photo, but you also know your home’s best assets. When your photographer comes to take the shots, your real estate agent will be able to assist you to determine what the best visual features of your property are and what you should have highlighted in the photographs. In part this will depend on your home’s target market. Is it’s unique selling point the new kitchen or the view from the lounge? The spacious bedroom or the heritage features?

The ‘main’ listing photograph and image you use on your signboard should be carefully considered. Your agent will be able to guide you on what will appeal to your target buyers.

You may want to look through other listings to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t, and what could suit your property, and discuss it with your agent and photographer.

Time it right

Not only is it crucial to ensure you have provided enough time to prepare for the photographs, you also need to ensure you have chosen the best time of day for your pictures to be taken.

Does morning light flood in? Or would the softer light of an evening or twilight shot or sunset give your home its biggest appeal?
Quality photographs are an investment in selling your home for the best price, and one of the most valuable marketing tools available.