Lauren Matbouly

Rentals Principal

About Lauren

Lauren Matbouly joined the Brisbane Real Estate team in 2001. Lauren is currently the managing director of the residential property management department, and she is responsible for the strategic and operational direction.

As a life-long resident of the western suburbs, Lauren is very familiar with the local property market which provides her with extensive local knowledge. Lauren has worked in every area of asset management and her vast knowledge and invaluable experience leads our assets management team. Lauren’s role ensures that clients of Brisbane Real Estate’s asset management and the team receive guidance, support and growth to help them reach their goals. With over 8 years of leadership roles in the Property Management space behind her, she is driven to excel and produce results with and for Brisbane Real Estate’s clients and the assets management teams.

Lauren has also developed and renovated more than 18 residential homes throughout Brisbane. Lauren was involved in every step from the planning and design, construction, landscaping, defecting, staging and the selling and marketing. Lauren’s extensive knowledge is fundamental in assisting clients and her team with the preparation for market and maximising the capital of residential assets. Lauren has a transparent, upfront and honest approach to all her dealings and is totally professional and consistent in her follow-up and communication with clients.

Lauren humanitarian side is as notable, and very admirable as a business leader. Lauren has led many charitable initiatives through Serving Our People including the 2022 Brisbane Real Estate Gala which raised $439 000 for the Serving our People Charity. Lauren is currently an advisor to the charity and Lauren is a strong believer in giving back and continues supporting the local community in her various roles.

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