• Adam Partridge was born and bred in Brisbane’s western suburbs, so has a personal understanding of its drawcards: why people want to move here and why people remain. Growing up in Fig Tree Pocket, Adam completed his schooling at the Ipswich Boys Grammar. Upon completing an apprenticeship began working as a Chef in some of Brisbane’s top restaurants alongside some of the Cities best chefs. After the birth of his son, the hospitality lifestyle no longer suited and so Adam took on a new challenge: real estate. Under the wing of real estate veteran, Scott Edwards, Adam learned top-notch client management and negotiation skills, and developed many good relationships with vendors and buyers alike. Now out on his own working the Karana Downs, Karalee, Mount Crosby and Ipswich region, Adam is already making his presence felt. With a positive and good-natured attitude and solid work ethic, Adam Partridge is the best man to sell your home and achieve maximum results. Call him for an appointment today (He may even share a few special recipes with you!!)


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