Why Sell with Brisbane Real Estate?

Why people keep coming back to Brisbane Real estate and entrusting their real estate matters to us.

For many years we have prided ourselves on delivering service, the right advice and results. Our repeat business is testament to our success as we often have sold mum’s and dad’s property and now we’re selling the son’s and daughter’s properties, we also look forward to the grand kids when it is their turn.

Our client base, both past and present have commented on our tremendous market presence through the Internet and the state-wide and local newspapers and the overall impact that had on their decision to use and appoint Brisbane Real Estate as their preferred agent.

We are not a franchise office so we do not have to tow the corporate line, nor are we a small local agent, we are Brisbane Real Estate the largest Real estate Agency in Brisbane. We service every suburb in Brisbane, we provide all clients with highly sophisticated and accurate market research, marketing methods and sales expertise and our sale results are often used as the real estate industry’s benchmarks.

At Brisbane Real Estate, all of our agents are the best in the business, we expect the best from them and in return our clients receive the very best, as our people are our greatest assets!

Our business is driven by strong and proven management, we have a one stop shop package as everything in our business is done internally therefore we are able to pass on savings to our clients as well as great results.

Simply put, we offer world class service with world class results.